While Raymond is not the center of the art universe, it possesses a natural beauty, which hasn’t been burdened with urbanization.  Southwest Washington has highway 101 and I chose to have a place for travelers to stop or local people to find a respite of beauty.  
The gallery presents a variety of professional artists from throughout the Northwest possessing different styles.  Pieces vary in size and price and medium.  Classes are also taught in one and two day workshops.  The facility is embraced by the historic Raymond Theatre and Richard’s photography studio.
As proprietor, I grew up here.  It has changed but the bits of reminders make for a nostalgia and a desire to bring back some of the color and life of this watery forested area.  This entry to the coast has such potential.  All it needs is creativity and people willing to make it thrive again.  This gallery is a beginning.  Come and enjoy!  

-Judith Perry